on Nov 16, 18

Obesity: A Nutritional Deficit

I started giving nutritional advice in high school – little tips such as eat salad before every meal and have fruit with your snacks. Neither my family nor my friends were surprised then that I decided to become a doctor. My first year in medical school at “UCV” (Universidad Central de Venezuela), I was one of the few students excited about biochemistry labs. Studying metabolism and fat burning pathways became my passion.

Based on observations that began as far back as high school, I have realized that obesity is seen socially as a lack of willpower. This perception is wrong, and what’s worse, it stigmatizes people who suffer from obesity making them feel weak, hopeless and frustrated. Obesity is not caused by a lack of willpower or overeating. Both are consequences of a nutritional deficit.

Our body is meant to heal and stay healthy. If we are not giving our body the nutrients it needs we’ll stay hungry and continue eating to find what’s missing.

Obesity should not be treated with starvation. Obesity has to be treated with food – real food. Adding the right food to your diet is the key of resolving a problem you may have been struggling with for years.

It’s funny, like so many others, I’d been waiting for an obesity cure to be found in a fancy biochemistry lab, like the one I loved so much in medical school. Now that I’m using nutrition as my main prescription, I’ve found that the cure for obesity, and many other diseases, is already available and very affordable. It just requires a trip to your nearest supermarket.

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